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HDK Box 2.0 & Rechargeable Plan (200 songs)


Rechargeable Plan (Includes HDK Box + 200 songs)

After downloading songs with the rechargeable plan, you will own the songs forever.
Customers can purchase and download 200 songs from the HDK portal.
Rechargeable Plan
HDK Box: $299
200 songs
= $499

HDK music portal: Provides many thousands of licensed songs and automatic weekly


* After purchasing songs with the Rechargeable Plan, customers will own the songs forever. * Each English song is $0.99. Each Asian song is $1.49.
* It is rechargeable after the 200-song limit has been reached.
* Rechargeable Plan customer can transfer to our yearly plan at any time.
* You can use the songs offline if you download them using the Rechargeable Plan.
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