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  • 丑八怪 in the style of 薛之谦, recorded by love_miao_02144:05   2 years ago
    Plays : 594:
  • 爱是永恒 in the style of 张学友, recorded by Stephen C.4:10   2 years ago
    Plays : 319:
  • My Way in the style of Frank Sinatra, recorded by Robert S.4:42   2 years ago
    Plays : 208:
  • 明天会更好 in the style of 卓依婷, recorded by davecwang3:48   2 years ago
    Plays : 199:
  • My Heart Will Go On(No Vocal) in the style of Celine Dion, recorded by w S.4:36   2 years ago
    Plays : 180:
  • Back At One(No Vocal) in the style of Brian McKnight, recorded by Abbe L.3:49   2 years ago
    Plays : 148:
  • Santa Baby in the style of Eartha Kitt, recorded by demo D.3:20   2 years ago
    Plays : 112:
  • Always On My Mind in the style of Elvis Presley, recorded by Robert S.3:33   2 years ago
    Plays : 111:
  • I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry in the style of Elvis Presley, recorded by Robert S.2:15   2 years ago
    Plays : 107:
  • 你令我快乐过 in the style of 吕方, recorded by Stephen C.4:30   8 months ago
    Plays : 98:
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