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HDKaraoke("HDK")  is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. We are a leading entertainment technology company that designs the HDK Box and distributes licensed content through our HDK Portal. HDKaraoke Box is the only streaming karaoke device which can legally play both copyrighted English and Asian content in North America.

HDKaraoke Company was established in 2009.  The headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA. HDK has many resellers and retailers in major US cities.

HDK Box is a revolutionary Internet-enabled karaoke machine. It contains the most advanced multi-media technologies with wireless Wi-Fi and LAN network connections, and supports 1080p HD output. HDK Box updates songs automatically online. Our music including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese songs. It also supports iPad, iPhone, and Android apps for song selection. HDK Box, with its thin light-weight design, is easily portable. It should be your primary choice for parties, both at home and away. 

Major features of HDK Box include:

  • The only Karaoke device that owns legal copyrights for North America.
  • Provides many thousands of licensed songs and weekly updates.
  • Supports iPad, iPhone, and Android apps for song selection.
  • Includes the most comprehensive songs, both old and new, including religious songs.
  • Supports high-definition 1080p viewing.
  • The newest HDK Box 2.0 includes the recording feature and allows you to share recordings to social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With HDK Box, there is no need to add songs manually. The system will automatically update whenever you are connected to the Internet. With a traditional karaoke machine, you would need to purchase additional music discs or CDs or to return the karaoke machine to the factory for new songs to be added.

HDK Box supports wireless Wi-Fi and LAN networks. Customers only need to connect the HDK Box to the Internet, and the device will update new songs automatically. Because of the automatic update feature, the HDK portal will never become out of date. Even if you leave the HDK Box idle for several years, you still can enjoy updated songs once you are again connected.

Yes. Thanks to supports from American Service Providers DTE, and Asian major music labels and independent labels, HDKaraoke offers the most extensive catalog of licensed digital karaoke content found anywhere.

The HDK portal includes over 3,000 English songs and over 80,000 Chinese. It is more than any other karaoke machine on the market. And, more importantly, we update with new songs every week, so your song library will continue to grow. *English karaoke videos are continuously being rendered into HD quality. In total, 15,000 English songs will be gradually added into the library.

HDK portal includes English songs, Mandarin songs, Cantonese songs, Taiwanese songs and songs in many other languages.

Yes. Our portal not only includes the latest songs but also a very comprehensive list of old classic songs, like those from The Beatles, The Carpenters, Teresa Teng, and many other veteran stars.

Yes, of course. Customers can submit requests on our website. Please visit after logging in. They may also use the iPad app to send in their requests. It will usually take us about seven business days to process your requests.

According to our copyright agreements, you cannot copy songs from the HDK Box to your computer.

Yes. You may at any time play your favorite songs through an external drive on the HDK Box. For more detailed information and tutorials, please visit our YouTube Channel.

In order to use the HDK Box, customers only need to connect the HDK Box to the television and Internet and plug in a microphone to the HDK Box. You may add any type of speaker, mixer, and/or amplifier, depending on your performance requirements.

Customers do need to connect to the Internet to stream and download songs to the internal hard drive. After the song has been played once, it will automatically be downloaded and saved to the internal hard drive. So in case our server went down or didn't work properly, customers would still be able to use the songs in the hard drive.

HDK Box is designed based on the average Internet speed available to American families. We made sure that normal Internet speed will be enough for the HDK Box to work properly. Customers will be able to use the HDK Box and play online video games at the same time. And since the HDK Box saves music to the internal hard drive, when you play your saved songs Internet speed will be of no importance.

HDK Box supports online streaming, so you can download and play your songs at the same time. It does not matter if the song has been completely downloaded. No need to wait to play.

The minimum Internet speed desired is 2MBps for proper usage. If you want clearer image, the speed should be at least 3MBps.

HDK Box allows you to set “HD” or “SD” quality. If you have a faster Internet connection, choose “HD” for high-definition viewing; if your internet speed isn't ideal for HD viewing, please select “SD” for standard-definition viewing.

“My Favorite” is a “folder” for you collect your favorite songs. Customers can gather their favorite songs in this folder. When you wish to select one of your favorite songs, you only need to click on it from "My Favorite" folder. There is no need to search for the song using the search function.

Under the section of “My Favorites”, every family member can create and name his/her own subfolder, into which they can collect their own list of favorites.

Each HDK Box includes an internal hard drive that can save about 4,000 songs. Optional hard drive upgrade that can save up to 16,000 songs is also available.

If customers need larger hard drives or want to enlarge their hard drive in the future, please contact us at (877) 435-8966. Our customer service will personalize the product for you.

Yes. Customers can use the [Vocal] button on the remote to switch between “Vocal” and “Off Vocal”. They may also set it through the HDK app. They may set mute using the  [Mute] button on the remote, and may also can set it using the volume control option in the HDK app.

Rising and falling tone options can be controlled using the [Key+] and [Key-] buttons on the remote. You may also control these using the voice control function in the HDK app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

HDK Box can be used anywhere in the US or Canada when it is connected to Internet.

Customers can only use the HDK Box in the US and Canada, because our legal copyright has only been authorized by the major music labels for North America.

You need to balance the volume. First, turn up the volume of the microphone using the  [Mic+] / [Mic-] buttons on the remote or control it through the iPad. Then, turn down the volume of the music using the [Vol+] / [Vol-] buttons on the remote. You may also adjust the volume through iPad.

New customers and recent customers will not have this problem. If you are the earliest customers who use the A La Carte (point card) plan, you can fix this problem in the following two ways:
1. Select and play the songs that you purchased. When you do, the songs will be downloaded automatically and you will not be charged again.
2. Do not upgrade and use the iPad App right now. We will provide a new upgrade pack.

During the process of upgrading, the system will ask you to confirm the upgrade. After you confirm it, please be patient for at least 15 minutes while the upgrade proceeds. After the upgrade has completed, the system will restart automatically. To avoid any problems, please do not turn off the device during this process.

It is very easy to install the HDK Box, and our customer service agents will guide you step by step through the process over the phone. You can also watch our tutorial videos here on YouTube. In addition, we offer home installation service in LA area. Please call our service hotline for detailed information about the price of these services.

HDK Box has a very intuitive customer control interface; customers can search for and select songs by the name of artists, songs, categories, genres, and also through the Hot and New Song Recommendation, and Online Search.

HDK Karaoke provides a very convenient and easy function for the elderly to select songs - the “My favorite” function. They can add their favorite songs into the “My Favorite” folder. This allows them to select their songs simply by clicking one button. There is no need to search for their music. Also, all songs played previously are automatically saved in the HDK Box.

The HDK Box is available for sale at selected Guitar Center stores. Customers could first go to the Guitar Center product webpage to check the inventory level at your nearby Guitar Center stores. Besides, we are also working with other re-sellers in the U.S, for details, please visit here.
Unfortunately, none of our re-sellers currently offers a demo product for you to try it out. You can first buy the product from our website and we offer 15-day free return window. Please check out our return policy here.

HDK Box supports iPad, iPhone and Android smart phone apps for fast and smart song selecting. Meanwhile, our company will offer new version and add new features for app upgrading.

After customers install our app on their phones or tablets, our system does support selecting songs on multiple devices at the same time.

The first step is to download “HDKaraoke App” from the Apple Store. Before using the App, please make sure that both your iPad or iPhone and the HDK Box have been successfully connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After starting the HDKaraoke App, the IP address will be auto-filled in the section “Device”, and the pairing code will be showed on the screen of the television. Customers only need to input the pairing code, and then the iPad will be connected to the HDK Box. For detailed instruction, please watch our instruction video here.

Customers can visit the HDKaraoke website through their cell phones and click this link to download the Smart Phone App.  Customers may also download our App from the Google Play Store.

HDK Box supports iPad and smartphone for song selection, and selecting songs and playing songs will not interfere with each other. So you can use the iPad to select songs and use the screen of the TV to play the songs at the same time.

On the market there are many traditional karaoke machine companies suggesting that you purchase an expensive and bulky touch-screen panel for over $399. However, if you have an iPad or a smartphone, you can use our free HDKaraoke App. If you do not have an iPad, it would be  a much better choice to buy one than spending so much on a touch-screen panel that has no other functions.

The HDKaraoke Control App can only be found in US and Canada Apple Store. If your Apple account is set to other locations, you will not be able to find the HDKaraoke App. To find the App, please set your Apple account to the US or Canada. Or you can apply for a new Apple account in the US or Canada. You will then be able to download our app from the Apple Store for free.

This is an operational issue. There are two possibilities:
1. The Wi-Fi in your home is not connected to the Internet.
2. There are some operational problems when you log in.

a) Please press the Home button on the iPad to exit the App.

b) Please press the Home button twice continuously to swipe the App off screen and thus close the App. (Another way is to restart the iPad.)

c) Restart the HDK App.

The search feature is located at the central bottom area of the App. Enter the search page by clicking the “magnifying glass” icon. You can then enter the name of the artist or the name of the song to begin your search. The search feature of HDK App is as simple as Google Search.  Users only need to enter keywords to start searching for the artist and the song. You can play the song you have found by directly clicking on it. Even if you do not know how to use Pinyin and Zhuyin, you can still use handwriting input to use the search feature.

The HDK Box and your iPad must be on the same network in order to identify each other. There are two possibilities:
1. Maybe your iPad and HDK Box are connected to different routers in your home.
2. Either your iPad or the HDK Box is not connected to the Internet. Please make sure that both of them are connected to the Internet and that both are on the same network.

Of course. We have American songs and mainstream English songs in all music genres (reproduced version by professional artists ) and also English songs by Asian artists.

HDKaraoke was founded in 2009, we have been in the field for over 8 years, serving our customers with technology and loyalty. The business is growing rapidly. Our major purchasers including Amazon, Best Buy, Guitar Center, Target, Walmart, etc. have great faith on our product and business. The buyer from Target said, "HDK Box is the best karaoke machine in the market". With the best product, we will not stop growing and not expect any unfortunate event in the foreseeable future. In the worst scenario,  if the business seizes, we will open our server so that existing customers can use the downloaded songs without limitation, there just will be no song updates. Hope this answers your questions.